Why the Internet is Great

14 Jun

There are many horrible aspects to the internet.  But there are also incredible blessings there.  One of the blessings I have recently run across is a series of articles from Kevin DeYoung and Tullian Tchvidjian.  The basic subject of these articles is the place of effort in the Christian life, but the discussion goes much further than that in the end, to deal with the question of what a Gospel-centered life looks like.  Here are the three articles for those who are interested.  Leave comments here if you read the articles and we can use their discussion as a starting point for our own discussion.

I really appreciate the approach both men take in their writing.  This is not a blogging shout fest but a great exchange of ideas on this important topic.

The first article was by DeYoung and was called Make Every Effort.  It can be found at . . .


Tchvidjian’s response is called Word Hard!  But in Which Direction?


DeYoung has responded with another article, entitled Gospel-Driven Effort.


These are not theoretical discussions but are intensely practical and of incredible importance as they affect our whole approach to Christian living.  These articles are well worth your time.




2 Responses to “Why the Internet is Great”

  1. Cindy Frady June 14, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    Isn’t this the continuing battle? If I work hard and have a pattern of obedience, I am proud. If I am in a pattern of failing, I am humble, but disobedient. I loved the line in the last article: “Justification feels like good news and sanctification feels like punishment.” This is because justification is a one time event (though remembering and resting in it a constant joy), but sanctification last for years and is measured by fruit. The laziness comment was convicting. Gotta get that alarm on psycho, I guess.

  2. Lynn Duncan June 27, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

    These were good articles.

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