James MacDonald on Songs We Don’t Sing in Church

2 Jul

A friend posted this YouTube clip from James MacDonald on Facebook and I thought it was an excellent brief discussion of the kinds of things we should consider when singing in church.  This is an issue of importance but it is one where there may be some divergence of opinion.  The question of corporate worship to me has always been one of content over style.  My hope would be that I could worship in a place that worships in a musical style I don’t like, because the content is so good.

Perhaps the greatest danger in this issue of what songs we sing in church is that many evangelicals do what they do without much thought.  MacDonald’s video is a good reminder for us that we should carefully think about what we are singing.  We must acknowledge that we are all works in progress and that many of the things we profess in song are not always true of us, while at the same time avoiding the kinds of songs that are empty of theological content, or filled with theological content that is suspect, unrealistic, or out of touch with the true teaching of the Bible about the nature of God and the nature of human beings.


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