Tim Keller — Gospel Polemics, Part 1

21 Sep

There is a fascinating article on the Gospel Coalition site today that I want to share with you.   The issue is polemics, the defense of the faith against error, is at the center of his post.  Keller contends that many Christians in our day are prone to make polemics too prominent a part of their approach to life.  The key illustration he uses to demonstrate this idea is this . . .

“Polemics is medicine, not food. Without medicine we will surely die—we can’t live without it. This is why polemical theology must be a required part of every theological curriculum. Yet we cannot live on medicine. If you engage in polemics with relish and joy—if polemics takes up a significant percentage or even a majority of your time and energy—it is like trying to live on medicine alone. It won’t work for the church or for you.”

Here is the full article . . .



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