Book Review: The World-Tilting Gospel

14 Nov

Books about the gospel and its implications tend to move in one of two directions: they are either watered-down, simplistic, say nothing books or they are scholarly, overly-complicated, say nothing by saying too much, books. Dan Phillips gets it right in his book, The World-Tilting Gospel. Phillips writes in a way that basic biblical truths are very clear but not in a way that softens or dumbs them down in any way. In this way, he has pulled off a great feat, a book that is both accessible and challenging.

I could see this as a book which would be useful in many different ways. It would be a great book to read through with a small group of Christian friends. It would be an excellent book to give to a new Christian, so that they are grounded in the faith and develop biblical discernment from the start. It would be a wonderful book to put in the hands of a seasoned believer who is discouraged. They have truly trusted Christ, but somewhere along the way the difficulties of life have sidetracked them. This book would be a tool God could use to spark in them fresh wonder for what God has done for them in Christ. This book would be good even for the unbeliever who was wondering what true biblical faith looks like.

The book is structured around four questions:

1.  Who are we?

2. What has God done for us?

3. How do we get in?

4. How do we get going?

Phillips launches into some of his finest material in the last chapter, as he reviews the book by presenting, in summary form, 9 world-tilting, barrier-busting truths. These are worth your time to ponder in light of your own life and the life of your church. There are many helpful and corrective words for evangelicalism in this book and in the last chapter in particular. More than any other book I have read, this is one in which you do not want to skip the afterword. Phillips throws in a surprise here (and I was taken by surprise when I realized how he had structured his book) and brilliantly draws out the implications of what he has written.

If you want to get grounded in the gospel and its implications for living, this book is a great place to start.


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