My New Year’s Resolution: Sitting Down with Friends

11 Jan

This year I am making it my goal to sit down with every family in our church for a visit in their homes. This is a daunting task to me in some ways, because my weeks are already often full, but I hope it will be a blessing both to me and to those I visit. I hope the end result of these visits will be that I will become a better preacher because I know more about where the people of the church are at, how they think, and the kinds of problems they face. My subject in preaching will not change, for I still plan to preach through books of the Bible verses by verse, but perhaps my wisdom in application might be sharpened through interaction with all the members of the church.

I hope these visits will provide an opportunity for me to listen to our members, to pray with them, to talk with them about Scripture and to encourage them in their walk with God.

So far, I’m through those whose last name starts with an “A.” We have a lot of “B’s,” so I hope things will continue to go well as I work these visits into each week’s activities.

Most of all, I hope that this one aspect of ministry with this local body of believers will help us, along with the work of our other pastor/elder and our deacons, to live the kind of ministry John Piper describes in this clip.


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