31 Mar

“Dreamer boy,

You think you’re bigger than the stars?

You think you’re the king of the harvest?”

You’re a boy.

Wearing gaudy clothes.

We’re not under you,

We’d kill you right now.

Choke the life out of you without blinking,

But we remember Cain’s folly,

So we go the shrewd way,

A deal, a bargain, a little cash, everyone’s a winner

Except you.

We unload a nuisance.

Off you go to back-breaking slavery.

Off we go to break our father’s heart,

With lies, letdowns and liasons.

You cry out to the silent skies,

We thought of you every day,

Probably dead, the tears come,

Guilt and anger all we have in this dusty place

Parched souls pitching tents

In a parched land.

Sent by father we go south,

Off to Egypt to see the VP

When you saw us, you didn’t say, “It’s Me!”

Maybe you were scared or sad or enraged,

We just came for grain.

But then all the strange things,

Our silver returned

Simeon in jail

Accusations fly

Bringing back Benjamin

Our father’s greatest fear.

The cup.

Benjamin is doomed and we with him.

The guilt of sending our father to the grave in grief.

But then, a feast fit for a king.

Assigned seating . . .

And the floodgates.

Weeping so loud it echoes in the streets.

“It is I.”

Stunned silence,

The guilt fades away in your embrace.

You embraced those who seized you,

Our evil turned to God’s good.

2 Responses to “Joseph”

  1. Lynn March 31, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Did you compose this? It’s good! I’m going to read it in SS.

    • jsf08 April 1, 2012 at 7:55 am #

      I wrote it while thinking through that story. Hope it is useful in SS.

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