N.T. Wright on the Resurrection

7 Apr

Anglican bishop N.T. Wright is a formidable New Testament Scholar whose works have been widely influential in the last twenty years. Some of his works, in particular his work in Pauline theology, has sparked controversy and has caused some evangelicals to turn him off. But one area where Wright really shines is the resurrection. His Magnum Opus, The Resurrection of the Son of God, is well worth reading. Aside from being a good example of why we should be careful about discarding someone because they hold some views we disagree with, the video below is also an excellent summary of the fruit of Wright’s study on the resurrection. His words about worldview at the end are correct, I think, but I would add that worldviews only change with heart change, that we are naturally turned away from a God-oriented worldview unless God works in us by grace. This is an excellent short video that summarizes the key issues, good for believers and non-believers alike.



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