D-Day and V-Day

20 Apr

The Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944, has been viewed as the pivotal moment of World War II. We have come to call it D-Day. Not long after, following some additional skirmishes and the decisive actions in the Pacific, the allies celebrated VE day and later, VJ day. These celebrations of Victory, the V-Days, were made possible because of D-Day.

Dr. Greg Beale, in his magesterial book, New Testament Biblical Theology, uses World War II as analogy to the work of Jesus. For Beale, Jesus’ first coming, and especially His work on the cross and the empty tomb, was D-Day, while His second coming will be V-Day. Now this is not a perfect analogy, but it does capture well the “already but not yet” nature of Jesus’ work. Just as D-Day guaranteed an eventual V-Day, so the first coming of Christ guarantees the fullness of victory and renewal that will come at the return of Jesus.

I don’t have a lot to add to what Beale said, I just thought it was a neat illustration.  I hope it might help someone who reads this article to see more clearly and appreciate more fully the storyline of the New Testament and the contours of our salvation.

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