Standing Up and Falling Down

26 May

The other day I was listening to a sermon online and at the start of the sermon the pastor asked the congregation to stand up for the reading of the Word of God. A passage was read from 1 Timothy and then the congregation was seated. The pastor then spent the next 25 minutes or so not referring at all to the text he had just read and only in passing to a couple of other Scriptures.

Now I have nothing against standing up to read the Scripture. I can’t find a biblical command to do so but I don’t see a prohibition either. But by all means, if you are going to have the congregation stand for the reading of the Scripture, base your message on Scripture. There is just no excuse for calling the people to stand in respect to the Word of God and then ignoring the same Word in your message. So ask people to stand if you’d like, just make sure that’s not the only respect you show to the Word in your sermon. Without rooting your message in Scripture, standing together to read the text is just another triumph of style over substance.

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