Wherever Worship

30 Jun

I was coming back from a dinner last night with my family, just riding up highway 321 in our minivan. The sun was beginning to set and my children were on their last legs. My two oldest were alternating between lighthearted banter and full-on torment of each other while my youngest was getting a little fussy, just about ready to be done with the day.

Sometimes I have found that turning on a little music in the van helps my youngest son settle down. So I flipped on the radio to WDAV and heard a familiar tune, one of my favorites, Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. It doesn’t always work, but this time, Timothy settled right down. Even the back-seat shenanigans died down a bit. And as the music moved toward its conclusion, the sky became more and more orange as a large cloud bank stretched from the setting sun eastward, yellow-orange at its beginning and fading to light pink at the tops of the mountains. The cloud bank and the music made for a majestic moment as our little minivan chugged down the road, flanked by Mitsubishi’s and Ford trucks. My heart sang for joy to God, for giving us such great gifts as a reflection of His own greatness. This was worship. The majestic work of the Creator filled and surrounded that van. These moments of wherever worship are really all around us. There are endless opportunities to delight to God, but we are often unaware of them, until one so unmistakeable makes you realize what you’ve been missing.

Just in case you want to hear the music, here is a clip of Stravinsky himself conducting the finale of the Firebird. We’ll have to wait until later to see what kind of sunset the Lord gives us tonight.


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