Great Article from Paul David Tripp

9 Jul

Paul David Tripp’s article today is aimed at pastors, but it is a challenging read for all believers. My favorite line is when Tripp describes fear in this way . . .

How many of us have moments of compromise fueled by fear of man? How many of have given particular people too much power of influence over us? How many of us have let fear cause us to be too opinionated, too domineering, and too controlling? How many of us let fear keep us silent when we ought to speak, or drive us to speak when we ought to be silent?

I have noticed both of these responses in myself and in others. There is more than one way to give in to fear. The bold and brash may be operating out of fear just as much as the one who is quietly trembling on the sidelines.

The article is filled with good, penetrating questions and is well worth reading.

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