A Great Sermon

24 Jul

The best message I have listened to so far this year is the   one Ligon Duncan gave at Together for the Gospel. But running right with that message is a recent message John Piper gave on 2 Timothy 2:8-19. Entitiled “He Cannot Deny Himself,” Piper gives us five foundational truths from this passage which should spur us on to persevere in the things to which God has called us.

As Piper says early in the message . . .

The reason Paul’s words to a young, male, constitutionally timid pastor named Timothy are relevant for you — though you may not be young, or male, or timid, or a pastor — is that the foundations (the arguments and the reasons) that Paul gives Timothy for why he should embrace his suffering in the service of the gospel instead of running from it, and why he should press on confidently and courageously in his work, are the same foundations (the same arguments and the same reasons) that you should embrace your suffering in the path of obedience and not run from it, why you should press on confidently and courageously in your work.

This is an excellent, challenging message. Here is the link.


One Response to “A Great Sermon”

  1. Memorial Day Preaching January 5, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    It can be difficult to embrace your suffering, but when you do I think courage and confidence come much more easily.

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