Read Through the New Testament In December

26 Nov

For many Americans, December is one of the busiest months of the year. Therefore, for Christians, we have an even greater need to spend time in the Scriptures.

With that need for the Word in mind, I am planning to read through the New Testament during the month of December. I wanted to share this plan with you, just to show you that reading through the New Testament in a month is not an impossible task. You can do it and as you do your heart will be strengthened.

The schedule I’ve developed is based on three factors: reading through whole books, reading all the books of a particular author together and reading New Testament books by their date of authorship. Trying to pull these three things together is an imperfect process but here is my logic. I start with the Gospel of Mark because most scholars believe it was the first gospel written. Many believe that Mark gathered some of his material from Peter, so the letters of 1 and 2 Peter are next. The letter of Jude is known for its similarities to 2 Peter, so I included it in the reading with 2 Peter.  I put in the Gospel of Matthew next. The letter of James, acknowledged by most as among the earliest New Testament letters, follows Matthew. From there I move to Luke and Acts. Flowing from Acts we move to the letters of Paul in their order of authorship from Galatians through the book of Hebrews (whose authorship is disputed). Hebrews is an appropriate book to read on Christmas day. We wrap up the month with the writings of John, which most scholars believe are among the last New Testament writings. So it is an imperfect system but I hope someone might find it helpful.

Since we are reading in this way, some days the reading will be longer than others. Where I’ve had to break a book up into two days, I’ve tried to do so in a way that flows with the outline of the book, rather than just dividing the book 50/50 over two days.

If you use the schedule in December, let me know how it is going. I will try to post an update as well at some point in the month. Here is the schedule for readings . . .

December 1 —    Mark 1-8

December 3 — Mark 9-16

December 4 — 1 Peter

December 5 — 2 Peter and Jude

December 6 — Matthew 1-14

December 7 — Matthew 15-28

December 8 — James

December 9 — Luke 1-10

December 10 — Luke 11-24

December 11 — Acts 1-12

December 12 — Acts 13-28

December 13 — Galatians

December 14 — 1 and 2 Thessalonians

December 15 — 1 Corinthians 1-7

December 16 — 1 Corinthians 8-16

December 17 — 2 Corinthians

December 18 — Romans 1-8

December 19 — Romans 9-16

December 20 — Ephesians

December 21 — Philippians

December 22 — Colossians and Philemon

December 23 — 1 Timothy

December 24 — 2 Timothy and Titus

December 25 — Hebrews

December 26 — John 1-11

December 27 — John  12-21 

December 28 — 1 John

December 29 — 2 John and 3 John

December 30 — Revelation 1-10

December 31 — Revelation 11-22

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