Does Practice Make Perfect?

28 Jan

Shaquille O'Neal

The answer to that question is “no.” Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

The great basketball player Shaquille O’Neal was a terrible free throw shooter. It wasn’t that he didn’t practice. It was that his form was bad. So the more he practiced the more his poor shooting form was confirmed.

The same thing happens for us spiritually. Our daily life determines our long term course. If we are following the Bible’s description for our lives and walk daily in those things, we will be conformed to the image of Christ. If we live by our own wits and ways, though, we will end up in a very different place in our lives. We may believe we are following Jesus, but all along we will be drifting farther and farther away from His intention for our lives.

So let’s keep looking to Jesus for His marching orders for our lives. First things first would mean making the Great Commandment and the Great Commission primary in our lives and then walking out those truths in every day specific situations. I don’t want to be like Shaq, walking in the same unbiblical ruts and thinking that my consistency is bringing me closer to Christ-likeness.

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