My Favorite Quotes from the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference

7 Feb

I had the joy this week of attending the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference in Minneapolis this week. I was encouraged by my time there and helped greatly. What a blessing to be with a couple of thousand pastors from all over the country lifting up praises to God.

Here are the favorite things I heard said this week at the conference . . .

Mark Dever — “Jesus is the true Senior Pastor of the Church.”

“Many pastors are called to churches that are orthodox on paper but are dead.”

“The most fundamental aspect of the pastor’s discipleship ministry is the ministry of preaching.”

“Devote so much time in the worship service to prayer that nominal Christians will be bored by the God they don’t serve.”

“Pray for sheep who want shepherds.”

“Build a congregation, not a career.”

“The gospel is a diamond. The church is like the prongs of the ring that uphold and elevate and show off the diamond.”

“A healthy local church is the missing element in the lives of many believers.”

The problem with church membership: “Not all members are believers and not all believers are members.”

“Good leaders don’t shy away from authority. Good leaders don’t abuse authority.”

Kent Hughes

“Nowhere in Scripture are God’s servant required to be successful, just faithful.”

“Success is faithfulness.”

“The two attitudes that characterize failure in ministry are jealousy and negativity.”

Jason Meyer

“Beware of copying strategy.”

“We should not pit strategy against the supernatural. We use horses and chariots but we don’t trust in them.”

“As pastors, we can make the gospel clear but God must make it real.”

Tope Koleoso

“The Holy Spirit wants to free people, not freeze them.”

“If we don’t seek the Spirit’s power we will preach an anemic, diluted, ineffective gospel.”

“If you don’t do ministry by the Spirit you will do it by pragmatics.”

John Piper

“Preachers are secretaries of God’s praise.”

“The effort to say something freshly is a way to see something freshly.”

“Don’t try to always be spontaneous. The effect of most spontaneity is a rut.”

Darren Patrick

“Do the work of an evangelist but realize that only Jesus can save.”

Mack Stiles

“Anthropology never trumps theology”

“Most of the world fears the raised fist while we in America fear the raised eyebrow.”

“Don’t send people into overseas service who are not serving here. The 747 principle does not work. Getting on a 747 is not going to make you a different person. There is no transformation through aviation.”

Now these quotes are just pieces of what was said. I thought Darren Patrick’s talk, for example, was one of the best of the conference but he didn’t say many things that were easily quotable. So I encourage you to go to to listen to all these conference messages. You will be blessed.

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