Sunday’s Sermon: Life Together — How God Shapes a People Through the Local Church

25 Feb

Life Together: How God Shapes a People Through the Local Church

Life Killers in the Local Church
Discontentment with Church Life
Failure to Resolve Conflicts with Other Believers
Failing to Fight Sin
Failing to Walk with God

Life Givers in the Local Church
Togetherness/ Relationships
Focus on God and Others
Serious Joy
Spiritual Worship

Life Together: What Is Your Part?
Commit to the life of warfare and worship

Find a Paul, a Timothy and a Barnabus and walk through life with them

Stop looking in the mirror and turn your eyes upward and outward

Commit that when conflict comes, you will deal with it

Finally, in all that we’ve said today, remember that persistence in little things over a long time is what makes a difference. There is no magic pill for a healthy church. Advertisers make promises about this vitamin supplement or that or the three minute ab-machine that helps you lose fifty pounds but none of it is real. The Spirit works most often through everyday faithfulness over the long-term. Think about your own Christian life. How many of you grew to full Christian maturity in a week? Aren’t you still growing, even if you’re 80 or 90 years old. Why would we expect a church, which is just a group of Christians at various places of maturity, to be any different?

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