The Foolishness of the Gospel

21 Mar

“The Son of God died that we might be forgiven, that we might be reconciled unto Him. And the Spirit is sent, and He comes and does His amazing work of regeneration. God puts His Spirit into us and gives us an understanding that we never had before. And so we have the mind of Christ. This is what the gospel is about. And the moment you realize the essential character of the subject matter of this gospel, you see how utterly monstrous and ridiculous and foolish it is for men and women to come with their wisdom and learning and understanding and apply it to this. They have already gone astray, and that is the whole tragedy of the world and the church at this moment.

My dear friend, we must make this perfectly clear. When you come into the Christian church and listen to this gospel as it is in truth, you must realize that everything you are in the world is of no value. It does not matter who you are, what your natural ability is, what your degrees and diplomas, you academic attainments, what knowledge you may have garnered. It is all useless to you. When you come into the realm of the church, the Pharisee is as helpless as the publican.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, from the sermon, “The Great Watershed”

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