April Fools

1 Apr

May Fools. June Fools.

All year through Fools.

Christmas Fools.

To trade a Jolly Old Man and all his gifts

For a Baby resting in the hay.

Fools for Christ.

Easter Fools.

To believe the Baby become Man could rise again

To believe this world of sin could be reborn as the stone rolled away

To believe that power, politics, property and performance are not the answer

To believe that the way up is down

To believe the frail, the weak, the poor in spirit receive the kingdom

While those exalted in this life are mightily humbled.

We’ll always be Fools

You just as well adjust if you want to be His

We’re never going to be Miss Congeniality or Most Likely to Succeed

More like Loser, Bigot, Hater, Narrow, Simple, Ignorant

Why would we expect anything better than He got?

But don’t despair

Wear it as a badge of honor today

To be an April Fool, a June Fool, an all-year through Fool

Because the tomb is empty

The Son did rise

And all that is exalted now will be blown away like dust in time.

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