Is Philadelphia Another Birmingham? It Should Be.

11 Apr

One of the key events that coalesced support for the Civil Rights Act in the 1960’s was the national broadcast of white policemen in Birmingham, Alabama, beating non-violent black protestors with clubs and unleashing German Shepherds into the crowd. I have seen many times the images of several young people taking cover against a wall as fire hoses were turned on full blast, pummeling their bodies. These events made a decisive difference in the Civil Rights movement because the nation began to see more clearly than ever the atrocity of racial discrimination in the Deep South.

I believe the Birmingham of the pro-life movement has arrived. The trial of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion provider in Philadelphia, who is accused of routinely performing abortions past the legal term in Pennsylvania and even killing babies outside the womb, should be front and center in our news and should have an effect like Birmingham had. But, as columnist Kirsten Powers points out in the article below, there is precious little reporting about this trial in major news outlets. What should be a pivotal moment is, in my view, being papered over in order to perpetuate the status quo. Like so many lynchings went unreported in days gone by, like so many beatings that were never seen on TV, this trial is an instructive and moving event that has the potential to persuade people about the fundamental human rights problems associated with abortion, but it is not being widely reported. The news has not been widespread. The details have been avoided.

I admire Powers for shedding light on this trial. Powers leans left on many issues and can not be accurately pigeon-holed as a Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck type figure. She is getting this issue right. It is a human rights issue.

Powers’ article is graphic. You will probably be disturbed by what you read but it is precisely because of the unease the article will cause that you should read it. I wish every pro-choice person in America and every person on the fence would read this article. It is true in one way that not every abortion is as blatantly brutal as those allegedly committed by Gosnell. Yet every abortion is the killing of a human life. Whether a black man was denied a job because of his color or not allowed to use a restroom or beaten with a club, in each case it was still discrimination. No matter the method or the timing, abortion is still murder. I don’t say that to be mean or to punish women or to take away rights. I say that because it is true. I say that because the human being in the womb is a human being, whether it is four weeks old or twelve weeks old or thirty weeks old.

So as difficult as it may be, look at the horror of the Kermit Gosnell trial. For just a moment, don’t tie this to politics or religion or women’s equality or anything else. Just look at the article and ask yourself if this is right. And if you agree that it is wrong to kill these babies outside the womb, how can you determine when it is right to kill a baby inside the womb? Four weeks? Ten? Twenty? How can we make that determination? If we can’t make that determination with certainty, how can we take unborn life?

Here is the article . . .

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