Sermon Saturday: Robertson McQuilkin

13 Apr

It is possible that most of the few who read this blog have never heard of Robertson McQuilkin. He served as president of Columbia Bible College and Seminary in Columbia, SC from the late 1960’s until he retired in 1990 to care for his wife who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Dr. McQuilkin is a recognized figure in the world missions community and has written several books. His most important books, in my opinion, are his little book on missions called “The Great Omission” and his largest work, “Biblical Ethics.” I admire Dr. McQuilkin so much and will never forget the day I was in chapel at CBC and heard him say these words about his decision to retire.

My alma mater, now called Columbia International University, has now established online the Robertson McQuilkin library. There are a variety of sermons on a wide range of topics, including a fine sermon on John 3:16 on the homepage. You will be encouraged and helped if you will give a few of them a listen.

Here is the link to the McQuilkin Library . . .

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