The Buck Hatch Library

19 Apr

A few days ago, I recommended the messages of Robertson McQuilkin from my alma mater, Columbia Bible College. I wanted to let you know about another library of messages from CBC available from one of the legendary professors at the school, James “Buck” Hatch. Mr. Hatch was not teaching when I arrived at CBC but he was still around campus occasionally. He did some counseling and taught here and there. But in his teaching days, his classes were among the most popular on campus. He is especially well-known for his course called Progress of Redemption, which traces God’s work through the whole Bible. His courses on marriage and parenting were also very popular. But in my view, if you listen to only one message in the Buck Hatch library, you should listen to “Ten Fingers — Delivering God’s Word Alive.” Every Sunday School teacher and preacher of the gospel ought to listen to that message.

The Buck Hatch library is different than the McQuilkin library in that it does require a registration and user name and password. However, the registration is free and I have not received any solicitation from being registered. The site says the registration is just a means of seeing how much and in what ways the website is being used.

Here is the link if you are interested . . .

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