No Compassion for the Unborn

19 Jun

Yesterday the House of Representative passed a bill which would outlaw all abortion after 20 weeks, the age at which it is clear that the fetus can feel pain. This is a compassionate, measured bill which does not address the inhumanity of abortion altogether but simply deals with the egregious inhumanity of later term abortion. Scientifically, we know the fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks, so this bill was developed to try to show mercy to these babies by protecting their lives. This is no “war on women” or “rolling back of Roe v. Wade.” This bill is a simple attempt at compassion for the unborn.

It is clear, however, that this bill will most likely not be considered by the Senate. It is also clear that even if the Senate passed the bill, the President would veto the bill. Why? Because, as in so many other areas of our national life, ideology trumps common sense. Politicians are so beholden to special interests and so locked into their positions that any reasonable change is seen as an absolute surrender. This has to change.

About 1 and a half percent of all reported abortions in the US come after 20 weeks. We are not talking about a huge percentage here. Still, that small percentage accounts for over 15,000 lives, lives that could be shown compassion and given life rather than a painful death in the womb.

Any politician who would vote against this bill and then lecture me about how we need to be more compassionate to one another will never get my vote.

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