6 Aug

This article from Tim Challies is an excellent discussion of the complacent Christian. I appreciate all the points he makes for ways we can move out of complacency to zeal. In addition to what Challies shares, I have also found that ministry or service to others is another way of growing in zeal (see 2 Corinthians 5:14-21).

I especially like this paragraph . . .
“It seems to me that zeal, like so much else in the Christian life, has a contagious quality to it. The pastor who wants his church to be zealous, must be zealous himself. He must throw off complacency and seek zeal through the means of grace the Lord has given him. And then perhaps instead of trying to instill similar zeal in everyone else, he should target a few people, invest in them, model it to them, and allow them to catch the fire. When we light a fire we light a small part and allow the heat to spread. Perhaps that is an apt metaphor for the local church as well. Do not underestimate the value of a few zealous Christians. Do not underestimate their power to stir up a great fire.”

The whole article is excellent. Here is the link . . .

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