Today . . .

16 Nov

Today, if you are a follower of Jesus . . .

I have the great privilege of spending time with Him.
I have the joy of communing with Him as friend and Lord.
I have the blessing of talking with Him and listening to the Spirit through His Word.
I have the peace of coming to One before Whom you can be totally free, because He already knows all about me.
I have the assurance that He will not reject me, because He was despised and rejected for me.
I have the opportunity to spend time like this with Jesus every day.
I have the knowledge that He is always with me, so I can talk with Him through the whole day.
I have the satisfaction of knowing that as I abide with Jesus, I will live a fruitful life for His glory.

And all this is a foretaste, a deposit, of what is to come. What we now see dimly we will one day see face to face.

So, what if we haven’t been walking with Jesus like this?

Is it time to kick ourselves?
Time to wallow in some more guilt?
Is it time to throw in the towel because of our hopelessness?


It’s time for clarity.
I’ve missed being with You, Jesus.
I’ve gotten so busy serving myself and even thinking I’m serving You that I’ve neglected time with You.
One thing is needful.
I’m not going to live by guilt but by grace.
I have drifted in my affection for You.
But your sure salvation and promises toward me have not faded or diminished in any way.
There is still no condemnation and still no separation.
The Spirit still lives and the Word is still true.
Your are still the burden lifter.

You are worth so much more than five minutes of “Our Daily Bread.”
You are so much greater than worry wart prayers for my agenda to be fulfilled.
You are worth more than all the treasures life can give.

So here I am.
I’m Yours.
I want to know You.
I delight to be with You.

Thank you for today.

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