In the Evangelical Blogosphere, We’re All Enemies

23 Nov

Yes, We Are . . . We use more subtle words to express thoughts like these . . .

I hate you and your authority-loving, male-dominated, so-called biblical patriarchy.

One step from the devil.

You Arminian. Are you even saved?

It’s the Calvinists that have ruined the Southern Baptists!

You’re such an Old Earth Creationist. How dare you!

If it weren’t for your kind the Church wouldn’t be in such a mess.

I don’t like you ’cause you’re too popular.

I don’t like you ’cause you sometimes say stupid stuff.

I don’t like you ’cause you don’t like TULIPs.

I don’t like you ’cause you’re not missional enough.

I don’t like you ’cause you’re all about numbers.

I don’t like you ’cause you make more money than I think you should.

I don’t like you because you’re a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of THAT guy. And we ALL know what he did.

I don’t like you and I’m going to find every reason I can to tear you down (for the common good, of course).

I like 99 things you said but that one time you really stepped in it. . . unacceptable.

The broader the brush the bigger the splash.

It’s truth we’re after. It’s for the children. It’s for the gospel-centered gospelness of it for crying out loud!

Don’t you get it? We’re defending the faith.

No, we’re offending the faith.

Time to get out of the saddle . . . off the high horse.

Time to take up a towel and wash feet. Especially the feet of those who love Jesus and trust in His Word, but disagree with us on the issues that raise our blood pressure most.

Jesus told us any old clod can love the lovable. Can we love the others?

Unless we want don’t want to call them brothers or sisters. Unless we want to consign ourselves to a corner with the other six people who think exactly like we think.

If you’re trusting Jesus alone, the cross-bearing, grave-conquering Jesus and you believe God’s given us a trustworthy revelation of His story and ours in the Bible, we can walk together a long way down the road of fellowship. And even where we must part ways, we can do so without flame wars and vitriol and gotcha moments.

May our evangelical corner of the internet become a place where we Jesus is lifted up, respect for one another is demonstrated and our love for one another is evident. May we remember the “complete patience” Paul called Timothy to when he told him to “preach the Word.”

2 Responses to “In the Evangelical Blogosphere, We’re All Enemies”

  1. Petra (@PetrasPebbles) November 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    Great post! Oh, the swell opinions that cut like knives in the name of Christian Truth, as if the Lion needed defending and forgot just how sovereign He really is. I just witnessed how one ‘christian’ cyber-talked to an ex-believer. I could hear the blood boil in her words and warnings, which only seemed to affirm his disbelief or inability to believe that which he once did. There was such contrast between the two. If I were an uninformed alien, I’d pick him as the most christ-like. I often wonder which god some of our dear ‘christians’ serve. It’s sad. And sadder yet is the fact that it’s not limited to the blog sphere although it certainly is very evident there; it’s such a conducive place for ego flares. I sometimes wonder if Paul would contribute to the open letter craze or heated comment debates if he were here today. I hope not. 🙂 Okay, time to work on the plank in my own eye now.

    • jsf08 December 1, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

      Good to hear from you Petra!! Hope you are doing well.

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