One of the Best Ways You Can Be Productive in 2014

8 Jan

It is so simple but so difficult. How can you save time in 2014 and get more done?

Schedule your time on email and social media.

It’s not astrophysics, but it is a simple way you can be much more productive at work and at home. Have a set time to read email, check out Facebook and Twitter and read blogs. If you will block time to do this, I believe you will find your day is much more productive. What tends to happen with most of us who have access to such things at work or at home is that we work productively for a time and then feel like we need a break. So we go on Facebook or check email. Suddenly, we find we’ve been online much longer than we planned. The online world engages our minds rather than relaxing us and we tend to be drawn to things that interest us. A better strategy is to have a set time to be online and then when you have those times when you need a break, instead of going online, get up and walk around, make a phone call or just take a moment to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. There are many options that are good for you physically and are renewing rather than engrossing activities.

To be more productive in 2014, try for the next week to have a set time for your online life. See if a very simple change makes a difference for you.

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