Aspire: Mentored Ministry This Summer

8 May

churchIf you are a man interested in ministry in the local church, come join us this summer.

Mentored Ministry Program

1 Timothy 3:1 “The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.”

Many times a man feels a call to ministry and goes off to a Bible institute or seminary without any idea about what it is like in the everyday ministry of a pastor. Those young people who do get involved in an internship of some kind often do so in large, established churches. These churches are not where most young men will begin their ministries. Most men beginning in ministry will begin in small churches. Therefore, I want to give interested men an opportunity to experience ministry in a smaller church for a summer. This program would be open to up to six men from our church and community who are interested in exploring the call to ministry in the local church. Those who participate in the program will not be paid but they will gain valuable experience and upon completion of the program will be recognized for their participation and be able to note their involvement as they pursue future ministry opportunities.

Here are the ways a man in the Aspire program will be given valuable experience in ministry and training . . .

Weekly meetings with Pastor Frady for prayer, encouragement and discipleship.

Weekly ministry opportunity in areas like evangelism, community service or visitation.

Weekly reading and discussion of ministry related articles.

Monthly mentored teaching opportunity.

Training in lesson/sermon planning, visitation, counseling, and other pastoral ministries.

Fellowship with other men pursuing God’s leading for ministry.

Development of a statement of a personal philosophy of ministry.

The Aspire program will run from June-August. We will not meet the week of the July 4th. Up to six men will be accepted for the program. An information meeting will be held over lunch on Sunday, May 18th. It is hoped that each man who participates in Aspire will have a better grasp of the realities of ministry and further clarity about God’s leading for his life and ministry.

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