How to Get the Most Out of Our Philippians Summer Groups

8 Jun

On June 1st our church began a summer series on the book of Philippians. This series includes a study guide and home groups which are meeting at several locations in the area. Here are a few things you can do to benefit from this series . . .

1. Read through Philippians several times each week. The book can easily be read in a thoughtful way in about 20 minutes. Most of us can read through the book at least three times each week. You may think reading through a book over and over during the summer might be boring but you will actually probably see new truths each week as you read through the book.

2. Read this blog for sermon transcripts. Many of the messages from the series will be posted here. This is a good way to review the book each week.

3. Join one of our home groups. These groups have just kicked off so if you are not in a group yet, now is the time. Being in a group allows you to have fellowship with many believers whom you can encourage and who can be a blessing to you.

4. Come worship at West Hickory this summer. To be here for worship is one of the most important ways you can enter into the message of this great book. As our pastors explore the meaning and importance of Philippians you will be drawn into a closer relationship with God and the joy of worshiping with other believers.

5. Learn portions of Philippians. There are some who may be able to commit the whole book of Philippians to memory. For those who are not able to do so, I would recommend memorizing at least 2:5-11. If you can do more add 3:8-10 and 4:4-6. And of course, don’t just memorize, but meditate on what you read.

6. Use the questions in the study guide. Pastor Rob has put together an excellent study guide filled with good questions. You can think about these questions through the week in preparation for your home group or just use them on an individual basis.

7. Pass it on to your children. Doing this study together gives us many golden opportunities to talk about the power of the gospel with our children. You can learn verses with them, ask them what they heard about in the sermon, review key points of the book with them or ask them questions like, “How do you think Paul could write such a joyful letter while he was in prison?” This summer will be a great time to encourage your children to grow spiritually. You can even encourage them to read Philippians on their own or you can read it together as a family.

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