Key Practices of the Christian Life — Practice #4 — Spiritual Fellowship

10 Sep

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

The old saying “no man is an island” is never truer than in the spiritual realm. If you want to grow in Christ, you really need good and godly relationships with others which spur you on to spiritual growth. The question is, how do we pursue these relationships? And if we have these relationships, how do we relate to others in a way that fosters mutual spiritual growth? 

Pursuing Spiritual Fellowship

The best way to pursue spiritual fellowship is to look for other believers who are pursuing spiritual growth in their own lives. You will be able to see this in their words and actions. One of the best places to find these people is in the local church, but you may also find a spiritual friend at work or in your neighborhood. You do not have to go to the same church as your friend in order to share spiritual fellowship with them.

 What Spiritual Fellowship Looks Like

  1. A Common and Consistent Time to Meet. If you are going to have a relationship with a person for the purpose of fostering spiritual growth, you must meet regularly. You may meet weekly for breakfast, or every other week at lunch, you may talk on the phone on Thursday evening or you may go to lunch Sunday after church. Whenever and wherever, aim and arrive.
  2. A Simple Conversation. Just talk with each other about what God is doing in your life, what you are struggling with, what God is teaching you in His Word. You may want to spend some time just reading the Bible together and sharing your insights with each other.
  3. A Shared Prayer. A time of lifting each other up in prayer can be very encouraging and meaningful.

Spiritual Fellowship can take many shapes but it is an essential part of our growth in Christ. Seek out others who can walk with you as you walk with the Lord.

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