Key Practices of the Christian Life — Practice #5 — Mission

16 Sep

Practice Five: Mission – The Fruitful Life

“Serve the Lord with gladness!” Psalm 100

The Christian life is not just about meeting with the Lord in prayer or having a sense of personal peace, it is also about glorifying God by being used in His service. One of the amazing realities of the Christian life is that God chooses to use us as His instruments to bring blessing into the lives of others. Here are some practices we can adopt which will make us prepared to be used by God in His work in the world.

Practices for a Fruitful Life

  1. A Close Relationship with God. The daily fellowship you have with God will go a long way toward renewing your mind, inspiring your heart, and changing your character. Having been changed through God’s saving work in your life and being daily changed through your relationship with Him, you will be ready to serve God when the time comes.
  2. Availability. The surrendered heart is the useful heart. In both a one time way and a daily way, we need to yield our hearts to God, committing to trust Him to use us in any way He sees fit.
  3. Outward-Focus. We must have eyes that see need, whether need for the gospel or need for physical assistance or just need for encouragement.
  4. Joining with Others. God has given us one another so that we remember that we don’t carry responsibility alone. God is sovereign, God is at work and you have help. Just be faithful and join with others who have a heart to serve like yours.
  5. Training. Take advantage of Sunday School classes, seminars and other opportunities to learn how to share your faith more effectively.
  6. Plan to Serve. Put on your calendar times you will go be involved in ministry to the needy, or times you will have a family over for dinner. Service and mission do not have to be spontaneous. Plan to minister or you most likely will not minister to others very often.  

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