A Great Bible for Reading

1 Jan

I just finished reading through the ESV Reader’s Bible in 2014 and found it to be one of the best Bibles I have used for reading large portions of Scripture in one sitting. The Bible has no verse numbers and chapter numbers are in a faint red ink so that the focus is on the text. There are no translation notes or cross-references either. Now none of these things are wrong and they can be quite helpful if you are studying the text, but if your goal is reading the ESV Reader’s Bible is the way to go.

The Bible has the look and feel of a novel. It is a hardcover cloth over board and of a size that makes it easy to carry around. I also really appreciate that it comes with a slipcase, as it will help with durability. The Bible also has two ribbon markers, which is a nice feature.

The text is single column and in a clear, readable font. I appreciate the care that was given in aligning the text so that the text on one side of the page is aligned with the text on the next page. This prevents the reader from seeing text on the other side of the page when reading. I also really like the fact that each book starts on a separate page. For example, on the page where the book of Acts ends we do not see the book of Romans begin. Romans is given its own start on a new page.

There is great value in studying the Bible in depth and this is certainly something believers should do regularly. But there is also great value in thoughtful reading of large portions of Scripture as well. For this second purpose, you can’t do much better than the ESV Reader’s Bible.

Here is the Amazon link to the ESV Reader’s Bible . . .


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