Only Twelve

20 Jan

I read a quote today from Matt Smethurst that intrigued me. A couple of minutes of reading confirmed to me what he said. Only twelve.

The New Testament contains 260 chapters. Of those chapters, 229 contain at least two references to the Old Testament. In addition, there are 19 other chapters that contain one reference to the Old Testament. So in the New Testament, there are only twelve chapters that contain no reference to the Old Testament. These references may be allusions or direct quotations, but it is staggering how much the Old Testament in on the minds of the New Testament writers. One scholar has said if you were to highlight in your Bible only the quotations and Old Testament allusions in the New Testament, your highlighter would cover almost 1/3 of the total content of the New Testament. Fascinating.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable . . .

One Response to “Only Twelve”

  1. creatorworship January 25, 2015 at 7:04 pm #

    And I always feel as though Jesus is repeating Himself when He speaks since He is the Word become flesh and the Old Testament Word is what He quotes and alludes to. The internal consistency of the Word of God is one of the great bastions of my faith. God has not changed His mind nor His plan nor His choice of of His beloved. He said it; it stands fast; it is and will be done.

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