Iain Murray on Differences Among Christians

23 Apr

“it is essential to recognize . . . that differences of understanding among Christians are never to be allowed to transcend the truth which makes them one in Christ. God would use our defective understandings and mistakes to humble us and make us more diligent in seeking to know the truth. The devil would use the same weakness to alienate believers from one another and to destroy Christian love and sympathy . . . . He would have issues not foundational to salvation so elevated in importance that the larger Christian unity disappears and contention threatens to ‘destroy the work of God’ (Romans 14:20). This ploy Satan used with effect at the time of the Reformation and again in the Puritan period, for it is not Laodiceans but those with the strongest attachment to Scripture who are most likely to be tempted in this way. From the harm done by the dogmatism of controversies over secondary issues the devil then tempts other Christians, who observe it, to abandon contending for the faith altogether.

The best remedy then for divisions among Christians is for all to put first the living and teaching of the gospel. When Christ is put first, when making disciples of all nations is the first priority, division is far more likely to occur where it should occur, between believers and the world.”

Iain H. Murray, Evangelicalism Divided, pp. 309-310.

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