Hebrews 1:7 Commentary

14 Sep

We have seen so far in this section from 1:5-14 that Jesus is superior to the angels because He is the unique Son of God (1:5). We have also seen that Jesus is superior to the angels because all the angels worship Him, and so the implication is that the One who is worshiped is superior to the ones who are worshiping (1:6).

As we come to verse 7, we see that it holds together with verses 8 and 9 to form one thought, a third reason why Jesus is superior to the angels.

Of the angels he says,

     “He makes his angels winds,

and his ministers a flame of fire.”

This verse is the only one in this section that does not directly refer to Christ. This one is about the angels. But it is a mysterious verse. What does it mean? It is a quote from Psalm 104:4. The wind and fire may be referring to two of the main functions of angels. The winds being a picture of the angels as messengers and the flame of fire being a picture of the angels carrying out the judgment of God. These are great tasks, high tasks, serious tasks. But in all of them, the angels are subject to God’s direction and sovereign control. This sets them in contrast to Jesus, who is God Himself and sovereign over all. Why does the author refer to them in this way here in verse 7? Verses 8 and 9 hold the answer.

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