Introduction to Hebrews 2

2 Dec

Last post I finished commenting on Hebrews chapter 1. Today I want to briefly introduce Hebrews chapter 2 before getting into commentary on each verse in the days ahead.

Chapter one of the book of Hebrews establishes, through a stunning opening paragraph followed by a string of scriptural support, the supremacy of Jesus Christ. As we come to chapter 2, we see the focus shift from the supremacy of Christ to our response to Christ. There is in this opening paragraph of chapter 2 a word of warning, the first of several words of warning in Hebrews. Now I want to say here that we need these warnings. We are prone to wander. We live in a day where the warnings of God are not heeded by the culture at large and even in the church we want to diminish the significance of the warnings of God. This is a grave mistake. It takes lightly the seriousness of coming before God, who is a consuming fire. It makes light of the weight of this Christian life. One of the reasons we have weakness in our Christian living is that we have not taken seriously the warnings of the Bible. So we will encounter some warnings in Hebrews, but I do not want you to see them as obstacles but as helps. The warnings are not barricades to block your path to progress, the warnings are guardrails to keep you on the right track.

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