Bible Reading Blog — January 3, 2016

3 Jan

Today’s Readings — Genesis 1-3 and Mark 1:1-8

The readings for today unfold two of the big realities of life: Creation and Redemption. In Genesis 1-3 we see the explanation of God bringing all things into existence. We see humanity as the pinnacle of His creation. And then we see it all go wrong as the serpent does his crafty, deceiving work. And this sets the stage for redemption. The rift has been made (we will see in the next few days of reading that it will only get worse) and the rest of the story of the Bible and the story of the world is about God healing that rift.

He promised to heal it even when it happened (see Genesis 3:15). The serpent will be crushed. This is what John’s voice crying in the wilderness is all about. The Kingdom of God has come, Jesus is about to defeat the serpent, sin is about to be dealt with and the rift is about to be bridged by a rugged cross.

So much of life is waiting, living between worlds. The people of the Old Testament lived between Creation (and the Fall) and Redemption. Salvation was still by faith but it was in shadow form, the fullness of time had not yet come. Today, we live in Creation between Redemption and Consummation (the renewing of all things when the full effects of Jesus’ saving work are realized). So much of our story is “already, but not yet.” This is a hard place to be . . . deep longings not fully realized. Frustration with treasures boxes of joy not quite unlocked, anger that the serpent still writhes on the ground and that we still listen to his deceit. We live in between. It is hard. But it is going somewhere. Creation –> Fall –> Redemption –> Consummation. God is bringing about His beautiful plan. In the meantime, for us, sanctification. And God’s choice tool for sanctification is living life in the land in between.

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