Bible Reading Blog — January 4, 2016

4 Jan

Today’s Reading — Genesis 4-9 & Mark 1:9-13

What is your identity? When God spoke these wonderful words over Jesus “You are my beloved Son, with you I am well-pleased”, He was making a statement about Jesus’ identity as the unique Son of God. Jesus’ status as the only begotten Son was publicly affirmed at his baptism. The interesting thing about this pronouncement from God is that it comes before Jesus embarked on His ministry. Certainly He’d lived a perfect life and had done much good up to this point, but the Sonship of Jesus was not ultimately based on His actions but on His identity. He was the Son of God. And not only the Son, but the beloved Son, with whom the Father was well-pleased. There was a relational affection and joy between Father and Son that was not based on Jesus’ outward works or track record of miracles and teachings, it existed before Jesus’ public ministry had begun, it existed from eternity past in the fellowship of the Trinity.

The awesome truth of the New Testament is, through faith in Jesus, we are sons and daughters of God. So the same thing God said of Jesus, He says of us, “You are my beloved son (daughter), with you I am well-pleased.” Yes, we sin and Jesus didn’t. But because the perfect righteousness of Christ is counted on our behalf, God’s stance toward His people is one of Fatherly love and affection. This is your identity . . . You are a beloved child of your heavenly Father.

Let the reality of your identity as a beloved child of God see you through the storms of your life today.

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