Bible Reading Blog — January 23, 2016

23 Jan

Today’s Readings — Exodus 32-34 & Mark 4:30-34

The kingdom starts small. Like a seed in the earth. This whole section of agricultural parables in Mark’s gospel paints for us a picture very different from the picture we often see in American Christian culture in 2016. We make much of personality, talent, and innovation, our ability to make relevant the gospel message for our generation. We celebrate newness and high-energy and cast aside the old, the broken, the pilgrim path. In our desire for ease and comfort, we set aside the daily call of our Lord to take up our cross and follow Him. We like the words of Jesus, when He tells us to come to Him for rest, but we’re not much for His way to rest (“take my yoke upon you and learn of me”). Our expectations are out of line with the biblical reality. The Word, the saving message and life of God, are given to us. We can’t implant that Word. We can’t make it grow. We can’t guarantee its fruitfulness in life. But we can sow. And we can sleep easy, because God is sovereign. He will bring the harvest. And what a harvest it has been and what a harvest it will be. It starts small, like a mustard seed, but becomes a great plant putting out its branches, giving the birds shade.



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