Bible Reading Blog — January 24, 2016

24 Jan

Today’s Readings — Exodus 35-40 & Mark 4:35-41

The story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark chapter 4 is one of my favorite stories from the gospels. One of the things that is interesting about its placement in Mark’s gospel is how it follows on the heels of several parables about the nature of the kingdom. Earlier in chapter four we read how the sower sleeps and the seed sprouts and he knows not how. We read of the four kinds of soil at the beginning of the chapter. We read of the mustard seed which grows into a great plant as a sign of the kingdom. And then we get to the end of the chapter, the event we read today, where we find Jesus sleeping in the boat. This one who was so secure in the sovereignty of God that He models the kind of trust His sowers are to have. And even when He is roused and stills the storm, He only has words about faith for his bewildered disciples.

Jesus exemplifies everything He taught in this chapter. And as the waves are stilled His power is revealed. The one who can calm the waves can also bring a great harvest.

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