Bible Reading Blog — January 27, 2016

27 Jan

Today’s Readings — Leviticus 11-15 & Mark 6:1-6

When Jesus went to the synagogue in Nazareth, He amazed the people of His hometown, but they were also offended by Him. There was a clear acknowledgement of His power but no submission to Him as Lord. The people of Nazareth lacked faith. They did not believe Jesus was who His words and works were saying He was. The reason for their lack of faith may have been their familiarity with Jesus. Having seen Him grow up from a simple family in a simple trade of carpentry, they were astounded that He should say and do such profound things. These were things that belonged to the educated religious leaders, not a simple carpenter.

I find it interesting that the people of Nazareth acknowledged Jesus as a great teacher and miracle worker but still did not believe in Him. A person may acknowledge the uniqueness of Jesus without surrendering to Him. If we are from a church background, maybe our familiarity with Jesus has caused us to be more like the people of Nazareth than we like. We might take for granted Jesus’ words and works because we’ve read it all before and heard it in a thousand sermons. If that is you, if you are taking Jesus for granted, take a moment right now to pray that God would open your eyes again to the beauty and power of your Savior.

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