Bible Reading Blog — January 5, 2016

5 Feb

Today’s Readings — Numbers 15-19 & Mark 7:31-37

Leadership is hard. No matter how well you do as a leader, when things are not going well, you will be under fire. This is what we see in Korah’s rebellion in Numbers 15. Living in the wilderness was not the fault of Moses. He was ready, along with Joshua and Caleb, to enter the land God had promised. But the rebellion of the people in chapters 13 and 14 led to a situation where the wilderness was their immediate future and there was no hope in sight. In times like these, it is usually leadership which must answer for the issues facing a group. Excuses won’t do in times like these, no one will accept them. In the end, it will be a power struggle, a struggle won not by fighting but by trusting in God and staying true to the call of God on the leader’s life.

It is the consistent testimony of the Bible that God often does not lead His people along easy paths. There are many challenges in the lives of those who walk with God. So God’s true work may not always look like success to us. We must trust God and walk with Him. If we are confident we are walking with Him, then we must yield our expectations of what must be to him. We must endure hardship and even those who betray us or turn away. We must not spend time defending ourselves. At the end of the day, when things are not going smoothly, leaders will always be up for blame. Take the blame where it really belongs to you and let the rest go. You’ll be happier not carrying weights only God can bear.

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