Bible Reading Blog — February 17, 2016

17 Feb

Today’s Readings — Deuteronomy 29-31 & Mark 9:33-37

Have you ever asked your child a question to which you already knew the answer? And when you ask it, you see the shame, the fumbling silence, the shifting, the fidgeting. Guilty. Found out.

Jesus did something like this with His disciples in Mark 9:33-37. He asked them what they were talking about on the way. Jesus knew what was in people’s hearts, as we saw in Mark 2:1-12. So it is likely that Jesus had at least a sense of what they had been talking about along the way. He asks them to bring them face to face with their hearts.

The disciples had a longing for greatness and this greatness came, they thought, through self-promotion and assertiveness. Jesus said no, it is through being servant of all that one becomes great. It is interesting that Jesus was not against greatness. We are, in the image of God, made for greatness. But because we are not God, our greatness must always be tied to bringing glory to God, not ourselves. And since we are made in the image of God, and God glorifies Himself most spectacularly in the saving of sinners through the giving of His Son Jesus to be our Suffering Servant, it follows that the way we can most glorify God (and at the same time most reflect His nature) is through serving others.

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