Bible Reading Blog — February 20, 2016

20 Feb

Today’s Readings — Joshua 1-6 & BREAK

The first chapter of Joshua contains the famous words of the Lord to Joshua “Be strong and courageous.” What stands out to me about these words is that they come in the context of a promise of God’s provision and power. God will bring Israel into the Promised Land. He will fulfill His covenant made with Abraham. Yet God calls Joshua to be strong and courageous. In the same way, we are the recipients of many great and precious promises through faith in Jesus Christ. Yet we too are urged in the New Testament to have courage and to serve faithfully. The assurance of God’s promise is no reason for passivity on our part. Though God is faithful to His promises, He works through human instruments, thus we are called to a life of strength and courage. Christianity does not weaken your resolve, it strengthens it with a power not your own that you experience as you live and move through each day. Be strong and courageous, for the Lord is with you wherever you go.

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