Bible Reading Blog — February 22, 2016

22 Feb

Today’s Readings — Joshua 12-18 & Mark 10:7-12

Jesus has a high standard for marriage, doesn’t He? This passage in Mark, from 10:1-12, contains some very strong teaching about the nature of marriage as a lifelong covenant and the spiritual dangers of remarriage in the aftermath of divorce.

This passage must be taken along with Matthew 5 and 1 Corinthians 7 whenever we have a discussion of divorce. These other passages seem to allow for some exceptions which permit (but do not mandate) divorce. True believers sincerely seeking to understand God’s Word and carefully studying it have at times reached different conclusions on the issue of divorce and remarriage. I can walk in unity with these brothers and sisters in Christ even if we differ on certain points of interpretation.

What we must not lose as Bible-believing Christians, however, is the seriousness of marriage in the eyes of Jesus. It really is a big deal to Him. We as Christians should guard marriage and promote marriage and always speak of marriage as a life-long commitment.


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