Bible Reading Blog — March 1, 2016

1 Mar

Today’s Readings — 1 Samuel 1-3 & Mark 11:1-11

Every Bible-believing person has to deal with verses like 1 Samuel 2:25, “If someone sins against man, God will mediate for him, but if someone sins against the Lord, who can intercede for Him? But they would not listen to the voice of their father, for it was the will of the Lord to put them to death.”

The sons of Eli were assisting him in the priestly work, but they were worthless men. They regarded the offerings made to the Lord with disdain, and made up their own rules. They used what should have been an offering of worship as an opportunity to bring harm to those they were serving. They dishonored God in every way. So God willed that they be put to death. To many people, this makes God out to be an angry and unloving God. But what is missing from this assessment is a high view of God’s holiness and of the accompanying reverence which should characterize our lives. Sometimes we use grace as an excuse to deal with God flippantly and to use God for our own purposes. The actions of Eli’s sons are among those Old Testament examples of what Jesus called “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,” the unpardonable sin. Eli’s sons were condemned to death because of their willful disobedience and hardness of heart. And this was God’s will. This should be sobering to us.  God is loving and merciful, but He is not to be trifled with. If we are in a place of treating casually our relationship with God as we indulge in sin, repentance is the only right course. The only alternative is the fearful expectation of judgment.

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