Bible Reading Blog — March 8, 2016

9 Mar

Today’s Readings — BREAK & Mark 13:14-27

This passage in Mark is the subject of much controversy. Did Jesus speak of tribulations which would befall the generation of believers in His day? Was He speaking of “this generation” not as His contemporaries, but as a future generation, like the generation of Noah or others stated elsewhere in the Bible. There are many disputes over whether the events Jesus speaks of here were fulfilled in the first century at the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem or whether they belong to the future.

The key thing in all this is not to lose the forest for the trees. The forest is simple: Jesus will reign over all things, so be on your guard. Live a life that is alert and attuned to Jesus.

I am not saying we should not strive to understand the truth and come to the best interpretive framework I am just saying we should not allow the pursuit of a full understanding of a difficult passage take us away from its major points of emphasis.

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