Bible Reading Blog — March 16, 2016

16 Mar

Today’s Readings — BREAK & Mark 14:66-72

On Sunday night, we have been studying the book of Hebrews in our church. Last Sunday night, we studied the warning passage in Hebrews 6:4-8. I am persuaded that this passage is talking about apostasy, forsaking belief in Jesus. I believe the passage in Hebrews points to those who have initial experience of God but turn away from it.

So what about Peter? In our passage he denies Jesus three times. Is this the same thing as what is going on in Hebrews 6? Has Peter, in his denial of Jesus, entered into the realm of Hebrews 6, to the extent that he cannot be restored to repentance?

Obviously, the fruit of what Peter did after this tragic event is proof that he ultimately did not forsake Jesus. In fear he disowned Jesus for a moment, but even his bitter tears in the immediate aftermath of this event (see v. 72) probably indicate that he was already pricked in conscience about what he had done. This was not apostasy. This was not an ultimate forsaking of Jesus. This was a sin, a real failure. But it was not a full turning away from Jesus like that of Hebrews 6. How do we know this? We know it by two means: the fruit of Peter’s life and the security of the believer because of the sovereignty of God.


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