Saturday Night Random Thoughts — May 21, 2016

22 May

No particular order or rhyme or reason. Just some simple things on my mind.

*Trump and Hillary are not the downgrade of our culture, they are mirrors of our culture. We have gotten what we are as a people: polarization, acrimony and extremism.

*Every American would benefit from one day a week totally unplugged from cell phones, computers, TV’s and all other electronics.

*Every politician legislates morality. The question is simply what kind of worldview drives the morality?

*There are more good books available than you will ever be able to read, so choose wisely.

*CS Lewis’ advice to read two old books for every new one seems to me to be very sound advice.

*The public library is your friend.

*Reading books from people whose views don’t match your own can be unnerving, but it is also often a valuable practice.

*Don’t believe in horoscopes, luck, Friday the 13th or psychic readings (for proof: just remember there’s no basement in the Alamo. Madam Ruby was wrong. here and here

*Almost all of my favorite movies were made between 1950 and 1970. To Kill a Mockingbird, West Side Story, In the Heat of the Night, On the Waterfront, A Face in the Crowd, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Anatomy of a Murder, The Searchers, Bridge on the River Kwai. There are a few outside that range but my favorites come mostly from that period.

*Children are normally only irritating when they are getting in the way of your agenda.

*The greatest science deniers in the world are those who refuse to see the demonstrable fact that what is in the pregnant womb is not a bundle of cells but a human life.

*Watching the birds and rabbits in the back yard is as rewarding as anything on TV.

*If you enjoy painting, writing, singing, playing an instrument and you are not very good, do it anyway. Joy in creativity can be as meaningful as the finished product.

*No matter how little you prayed, exercised, read your Bible, or stuck to your diet today,  get back on the wagon.

*Go to church tomorrow on the lookout for people to encourage. How good you feel later will just be a nice by-product of loving your neighbor.

*Look at the birds of the air and don’t worry.

*Remember that God is the happiest of all.

*Think about people who have blessed you in your life. Be that person for somebody else.

*Things out of style in 2016: listening, handwritten letters, finding common ground.

*Things in style in 2016: short attention spans, texting, no middle ground.

*Nostalgia tends to cover over the negative. To quote Billy Joel, “The good old days weren’t always good, tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

*This week go somewhere you don’t normally go: a park, a museum, a new restaurant, a ballgame. Getting out of your routine can be highly therapeutic. A day trip to a nearby town can be even better.

*A small turn in the rudder can steer a huge ship in a totally new direction just as small changes in our lives can bring big results.









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