Behold Your God, Introduction

28 May

                Next week, our church will begin working through the study book Behold Your God, by John Snyder. This 12 week study will be our focus this summer, as sermons, small groups and a Sunday night video series will all be centered around Scripture and the Behold Your God material. The workbook is the key to really benefiting from the study. The workbook is like those many of us have used in the past, but it is also quite different in a couple of ways. As with many other studies, there are paragraphs of content, verses to look up, and blanks to write answers to questions in the workbook. But the focus here is not on just getting the content right and making sure all the blanks are completed. This workbook is made for lingering, for really thinking through the biblical truths and concepts which are explained within its pages. The workbook requires real thought and interaction. The Behold Your God study takes time and effort. Most worthwhile things in life take time and effort. So if you will give yourself to this study, there will be a great benefit, not only in the content but also in developing the daily discipline of spending time with God.

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Behold Your God: Introduction

The Introduction to Behold Your God in the workbook is found on pages vii-x. This introduction should be read, because it explains the perspective of the study we are about to begin. John Snyder shares his own experience and how he came to put this study together. He explains that the purpose of this study is to know God and to know how to live faithfully before Him. Snyder challenges us to repent of a low view of God, return to a biblical view of God and then risk all to live upon who He is. The key quote to me in the introduction is this . . . “There is no way to adequately deal with the problems in our own lives and our churches without a deep and thorough rethinking of God. This cannot be done safely apart from returning to the Bible. Therefore, the real purpose of this book is to guide you back into those passages which are most significant for this theme.”

The Behold Your God study is a golden opportunity to get a fresh vision of the living God. I hope you will join us in this study.

One Response to “Behold Your God, Introduction”

  1. creatorworship May 28, 2017 at 9:26 pm #

    Oh, that we may gain from God a larger view of who He is and what He is about so that we may fully apprehend and utilize for His glory the power of His Spirit to fight the Lord’s battles.

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