Behold Your God — Week One, Day Two

30 May

Today’s study brings us into the presence of God, the great attraction. Three points are made at the outset which will guide us throughout the twelve weeks if we will keep them in mind . . .

  1. An attribute is something that God has revealed to be true about Himself. This is not a truth that we discover on our own.
  2. An attribute is something that is essentially true of God.
  3. An attribute is something that is in perfect harmony with all other attributes.

God is sovereign, holy, merciful, etc. These are not things He does (though these attributes do shape His actions) they are who He IS. But God is not divided into a hundred different attributes which He exercises at different times. He is multifaceted but united in His person.

In applying these truths about God’s attributes, day two considers just one of them: God’s incomprehensibility. God is beyond our understanding. We can know Him, but we cannot fully figure Him out. God is incomprehensible because He is infinite. There are no limits on His person. There are many Scriptures which show His incomprehensible fullness (Ps. 145:3; Jer. 23:23-24; Ps. 139:17-18; Job 5:8-9; 9:10;  11:7-9; 36:26).

I liked the illustration in day two of the Mayflower coming ashore. Only a fraction of a vast land was visible from the ship. For us in this lifetime, we come to the shore of relationship to God and see something of Him, but there is always with God a vast undiscovered country. This makes God, as John Piper says, “endlessly fascinating.”

We might feel tempted to be frustrated at God’s incomprehensibility, but day two points us in other directions. First, we should feel profound comfort. As AW Tozer says, “How completely satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God who has none.” Second, the fact that we cannot fully comprehend God should lead us to humility before Him. God has great things to say in the Bible about humility. Humility is the key to the door of a deep and personal relationship with God.

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